System Management

As business activities expand, business systems are evolving into enormous, complex frameworks supporting inter-corporate networks, global supply chains, and more. In the event of systems trouble, the issue is more than one of business continuity; the trouble can impact an entire society. Sourceone has more than 15 years of systems operation experience that we bring to our clients, providing system equipment and solutions to ensure stable 24/7 systems operations. Sourceone provide Managed Service Solutions for server and network maintenance, system updates, and stable operations. Sourceone business continuity planning and disaster recovery solutions provide business continuity during disasters or emergencies. Sourceone System Management Software solution provides strategic insight and advice to help IT vendors and buyers identify opportunities for competitive advantage in the rapidly changing market for systems and applications management software and software as a service (SaaS). This solution is particularly valuable for decision makers that need to react to new delivery models; capitalize on increasing levels of infrastructure virtualization, convergence, and automation; and grapple with the rapid evolution of complex and mobile application environments.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Dynamic, virtualized datacenter operations and automation
  • Impact of software-as-a-service, converged systems, and alternative delivery models on the systems management software ecosystem
  • Application performance management and analytics
  • Emerging IT buyer management software priorities and trends
  • Ongoing evolution of change and configuration management markets and solutions
  • Ongoing evolution of performance and event management markets and solutions

Core Research

  • Worldwide Enterprise System Management Software Forecast, Market Shares, and Strategy Analysis
  • Worldwide Performance and Availability Management Software Forecast, Market Shares, and Strategy Analysis
  • Worldwide Change and Configuration Management Software Forecast, Market Shares, and Strategy Analysis
  • System Management SaaS Forecast, Shares, and Strategy Analysis
  • Workload Scheduling and Automation Forecast, Market Shares, and Strategy Analysis
  • Application Performance Management Software Market Shares, Forecast, and Strategy Analysis
  • Ongoing Analysis of Major Vendor Announcements and Acquisitions
  • Tracking and Analysis of High-Impact Start-Ups and Innovators


  • Manually identifying systems that require OS migrations, upgrades, or replacements
  • Information is not easily available to track hardware and software assets to verify software and hardware contracts
  • Reducing security exposure by ensuring all devices are compliant with patch requirements
  • Managing remote offices with high on-site IT support costs
  • Ability to secure mobile devices that have access to company information through proper patch management

Reduce IT costs and complexities while improving efficiencies.

  • Identify assets easily with comprehensive system discovery plus hardware and software inventory
  • Automate migrations, operating systems, patch management, imaging, and deployment updates
  • Improve efficiencies and reduce costs with intelligent software and Microsoft management and delivery
  • Reduce IT complexity with proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and remote management
  • Reduce costs through power-saving policies for corporate green initiatives