Network Management Solutions

A network management system can have profound company-wide benefits. After all, your network consists of more than just computers. You also must consider your phone system, fax machine, printers and plotters, payroll system, and even your invoicing system. And if your business operates in more than one location, you'll be dealing with several computers and peripherals at each location. With a network management system solution, every piece of equipment communicates with your computer system. More importantly, you can control your entire business operation from a central computer. Not only is a network management solution cost effective - it can also dramatically improve efficiency and productivity.

Here are three ways in which your business will benefit from a quality network management system:

  • ? Save Money - Instead of several IT managers monitoring each network at every location, you'll only need one sys admin at a single location to control and monitor your entire network. As a result, you can spend your hiring dollars where you need it - on research & development, customer support, advertising, new equipment, and additional inventory.
  • Save Time - A network management system will allow you to give each of your IT providers direct access to any information they need to do their jobs efficiently. Say goodbye to walking reports around the office from one data entry location to another. Also, you won't have to worry about any more missed emails or interoffice memos. Each of your team members can enter and retrieve data right from their own workstation, and access can be controlled by your network manager.
  • Increase Productivity - With a quality network management system, you can monitor all aspects of your office network including hardware, software, and peripherals. All of these components need to be able to communicate with each other. Should one go down, the whole system could be impacted. The minute there's an issue, your network management system detects it so that there's no data loss or productivity slowdown.

Networks are essential to business-critical processes. Their tendency to expand in both size and complexity affects network availability and performance. Problems include increasing traffic, configuration errors, failed network elements, incompatible or non-integrated tools, and so on. Not all problems are hard failures and new tools, strategies, and initiatives are needed to manage them effectively.

SOURCEONE provides a fully integrated and automated solution which optimizes fault management and ensures availability, unifies fault and performance management, automates change and configuration management to ensure compliance, and automates IT processes.

This white paper shows how automated network management solutions can help you deliver the availability and performance that your business demands.

An integrated approach helps your network management teams to:

  • Optimize fault management and ensure availability
  • Unify fault and performance management
  • Automate change and configuration management to ensure compliance
  • Automate IT processes

SOURCEONE provides a comprehensive curriculum of SOURCEONE software and IT Service Management courses to increase your network optimization and responsiveness, and achieve a better return on your IT investments.

As an IT pro, the right network management tools help you simplify your ongoing IT responsibilities. After all, your company's network is certainly the last thing you would want to have fail. With the right tools in place, however, you can ensure you're always on top of keeping network connectivity up and running.

These three points illustrate why your IT department should strongly consider leveraging network management tools as part of their daily tasks:

  • Appropriate network routing

    You probably don't want the computer on your desk communicating with the printer out in the shop. Certainly, you don't want all of your associates to have access to the company's financial data. And who would want to drive across town to the satellite office when they get a copy of their most recent invoice? Network management tools interconnect each piece of networking equipment - computers, hard drives, printers, and even phone systems - allowing them all to communicate with each other efficiently.

  • Network system management security

    A good network system management includes a traffic monitor that allows you to view everything on your network. You'll see where users are going, the IP addresses they're coming from, and if they're trying to access unauthorized information or files. Whether intruders are coming from within your company or from the Internet, you'll be able to stop information theft before it occurs.

  • Take inventory of your network

    A quick scan of your network will enable you to view inventory of all hardware, software, applications, and equipment connected to your network. Not only will this give you a snapshot of your IT asset inventory, it will also allow you to detect unwanted users on your network who may be stealing bandwidth or, worse yet, confidential company information. Regular scans will help eliminate internal equipment theft and also detect malfunctions before they take down your entire system.