What We Do

At SourceOne, we offer solutions that exactly meet these changing market and technology demands. Our R&D Business focuses on enabling our customers to stay well ahead of the technology curve in a connected world. We are closely involved in every phase in the product development cycle life - from conceptualization, architecting and design implementation, Integration, validation, support and managed services. Our all-encompassing expertise spans across multiple industries and includes system design, Firmware, software, management and applications. With a strong focus on disruptive technologies in the areas of cloud, mobility, analytics, social and unified communications, we help our customers innovate in a new era, and enable devices to be well connected, seamlessly managed and highly applied to meet the demand of the end users.

We perceive R&D services as the first milestone to achieve the making of world class products. Sourceone R&D takes place in focused research centers and technology labs where engineers identify the technology, tools and methodologies which are most appropriate to solve specific customer challenges. The R&D team also develops re-usable frameworks and components to solve generic industry problems. Our R&D team is constantly looking at new technologies from leading vendors and alliances with industry leaders which contribute significantly to our R&D approach.

R&D Specialists

With nearly 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with highly competent specialist teams and individual experts. During these years, we have worked closely with our customers in a variety of development projects gaining valuable knowledge from their respective industries and technologies. Our engineers specialize in understanding the environmental challenges and demands of our customers products on top of being best-in-class within their technical disciplines. This combination of experience and knowledge is the foundation that makes us specialists on embedded development.

Environmental certifications and standards

Servicing a diverse range of customers requires in-depth industry knowledge and an understanding of the conditions and markets our customers deal with. Sourceone provides a high level of competence within industrial and environmental standards in addition to certification processes

Idea to implementation

Sourceone unique business model enable customers to choose a form of collaboration that suits their needs. We can provide a complete competency platform during a development project with the knowledge from our R&D specialists as well as from our product experts and OEM engineers.

Dynamic methodology

Our specialists' teams use a dynamic work model based on both documented procedures as well as tacit knowledge. It's a model that has developed from the inside that aims to balance the relationship between quality, functionality, time and cost in a development project.

Core competencies

Sourceone offers highly experienced specialists with a broad range of expertise from different disciplines:

  • Project management
  • Hardware development
  • Software development
  • FPGA development
  • Mechanical design

- covering all vital parts of a development cycle:

  • Analysis and design
  • Implementation
  • Test, certification and qualification
  • Documentation

Our core areas of focus in the above domains will revolve around M2M, Internet of Things, Connected Cars, Home Networking, Enterprise/ Carrier / Data Center Infrastructure, SDN and Storage and Server Virtualization in Cloud and Data Centers, Storage on Cloud Technologies.

The Sourceone Edge

  • Strong focus on disruptive technologies to get the best use of connected and smart devices
  • Strong eco-system of alliances and partners
  • Range of solution accelerators
  • Lower development costs & shorter product lifecycles
  • Access to solutions that focus on next-generation technologies
  • Well Governed delivery processes
  • Value added services like analytics, mobility approach and cloud approach
  • Dedicated NOC/SOC for customers who require Managed services or technical support after product releases
  • Expertise in developing complex software products and solutions
  • Average company wide experience is ~10Years
  • Diverse Domain, Sector and Industry expertise in Software Development and IT Solutions
  • Range of Software Development Methodologies & Life Cycle adept to business needs
  • Secure and Trust-worthy, the USP is locked ensuring business & competitive edge
  • Fast, on time and quality development service
  • Proficient & Professional Communication ( Culture Sensitive )
  • 24x7 Support and Assistance
  • Expert Program and Project Management to support every stage of Development & Communication