European Outsourcing

To best serve our customers in Europe, we are continually expanding our expertise, to meet and exceed their needs and expectations. We will help customers to manage their Information Capital and convert today's knowledge into tomorrow's success. In Europe we will work with customers to organise knowledge, transactions and interactions. We are providing technology and transformation services making business processes fluid and seamless, enhancing customers' productivity and profitability.

As a global provider of technology that transforms business processes and document and information management, Sourceone helps businesses be more productive and profitable. Over recent years and through a series of strategic acquisitions, we have positioned ourselves to become a service-oriented company, providing end-to-end solutions through our expertise in our four core capabilities: M2M, Internet of Things, Connected Cars, Home Networking, Enterprise/ Carrier / Data Center Infrastructure, SDN and Storage and Server Virtualization in Cloud and Data Centers, Storage on Cloud Technologies. No matter where we are in the world, or what industry our customers are in, we have the global reach to support our customers in achieving their business goals.

Working with our customers, we adopt an end-to-end approach to improve and manage their document heavy processes. We also help businesses manage internal change as new document management systems are introduced.


We believe that the customers' ambitions are paramount and that they can be achieved - and surpassed - through the application of knowledge.

We believe in adding value to the customers' services, products and ways of working: greater efficiency benefits us all, individually and mutually.

We believe in harmonising with the environment, in simplifying life and work and supporting knowledge management.

Ultimately we believe that the environment, life and work are indivisible and that one cannot be considered without also respecting the others.

Our research and development is also driven by our commitment to supporting customers' wider business challenges. We are investing up to 6% of annual revenue in research and development each year, focusing on technologies that support future work styles, and make it easier for businesses to access and share information.